Brand Value

Our company has been manufacturing stainless steel pipes in addition to importing, stocking and selling stainless steel pipes and bracket groups from sub-manufacturers.

To ensure that Stainless Steel products are manufactured in line with the quality and practical standards and the whole process from raw materials at our facilities to delivery to final end-users, we have launched cooperation with quality sub-manufacturers. Sub-manufactured products under contracts in line with the BORŞEN quality in this scope are branded as Enox. Enox is a product brand that represents the BORŞEN brand in implementing superior quality and quality processes. Enox is a combination of the name of BORŞEN (en) and Inox (ox).

Enox is not an institution but a valuable brand, aiming to offer quality products and price advantage to our customers. Enox brand has an important place in our complete package exports containing stainless steel welded pipes and other brackets which we sell internationally.