Quality Policy

In order to be a leader in our market, we are comitted ;

  • Always be a reliable company by keeping quality products above everything and taking risk management practices,
  • To give importance to the education and suggestions of our employees.
  • To ensure the adoption of the quality management system by keeping the quality service concept in the forefront and to increase its efficiency continuously.
  • To reach company’s goals and objectives, with determined strategies by increasing communication, harmony and cooperation among all staff.
  • To be a continuously developing organization by keeping the team spirit at the highest level.
  • To ensure absolute compliance with the principles of occupational health and occupational safety based on human and environmental factors in all activities
  • Ensuring the adoption of environmental protection and development awareness by all personnel.
  • To ensure that all personnel, along with good professional and technical practice, comply with national and international rules and regulations and company procedures.
  • Working in accordance with human factor principles.
  • Ensure that all personnel cooperate with national and international customers, including quality auditors and suppliers, with all stakeholders.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System continuously improve its effectiveness.

Environmental and Occupational Safety Policy

We adopted the principle of preserving the environment and natural resources with fully environmental culture. As we continue our operations, we consider to provide to our employees a safe working place and we adopt continuous improving activity.
Besides fulfilling our legal responsibilities, we aim to be a continuously evolving and improving organization with the national legislation as well as following up to updates.
Our main goal is to leave a livable world to future generations in the direction of respect for the environment. Our  employees health and safety are very important for us. For that reason ;
We committed;
  • To provide effcient use of energy and natural resources,
  • To reduce environmental impact of wastes which are generated from our activities,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by increasing recycling possibilities.
  • Providing continuity of training of employees to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity,
  • To measure and monitoring environmental performance related with environmental targets,
  • To reduce environmental impact and identify environmental situations which are occured as a result of our activities.
  • To provide a safe working environment in accordance with national and international standards.
  • To follow the legal changes and make the necessary arrangements.
  • Preventing possible accidents and illness with risk management.
  • To increase and maintain the knowledge of occupational health and safety of employees through continuous training.
  • To apply all occupational and safety rules to all employees with managers and directors.

Our Laboratory Policy

  • As the top management and laboratory management of Borşen Pipes, we commit to implement top quality standards in our services to customers and to submit error-free, reliable reports in line with confidentiality principles and TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards,
  • To highlight the training and suggestions of our employees, incessantly monitor technological developments and constantly enhance and renew the measurement devices line,
  • To ensure sustainability of the importance we give to the employment conditions at the laboratory,
  • To address and transcend the expectations of our customers in accordance with legislations and national standards, and offer quality services at their desired specifications and within their desired time period,
  • To comply with the terms of the quality management system and continually improve the effectiveness,