Foundation : 1983
Headquarters / Factory : İstanbul Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone
Closed area : 12.000 m²

Running its operations since 1979, our company closely monitors technological developments and has been proud to contribute to the industry in Turkey. Our factory in Istanbul was opened in 2006, and consists of four main sections.

The first section is the administrative offices and relevant departments, the second section is the hygiene and instrumentation department, the first section is the industrial pipes and fittings, and the fourth section is the stainless steel pipe manufacturing lines. With the service portfolio offered by various departments in these areas, we are offering materials to globally established manufacturers by producing required materials in line with standards or by delivering them from stocks.

Borşen is among a few companies with a stock of 20,000 types of products, and thanks to its high stocking capacity, it responds to every need of the industry, contributing to the sustainability of business and and acting as the central stainless steel material storage of industrial organizations. Industrial stainless steel pipes, fittings, valves and products with different specifications that require cutting-edge technology make up an important part of our stocks.

Our company is the Turkish sales representative of the flow equipment products group of Alfa Laval company, and has a high level stock of stainless steel hygienic pipes, hygienic fitting equipment, hygienic valves and hygienic tank accessories, which are the basic requirements of the industry. Our company is capable of immediately delivering from stock of instrumentation tube fittings and valves, which are mainly used in hydraulic and pneumatic lines of high-pressure systems and co-generation and marine industry, thanks to its distributorship agreement with Ham Let Valves & Fittings and SAMI companies for Turkey and the Middle East.

Starting in early 2006, Borşen has tripled its manufacturing capacity with manufacture of TIG welded, chrome-nickel pipes and with the new investments on the latest laser system stainless steel pipe line in 2016, it has a well-deserved pride in the Turkish industry.