•  All stainless steel assembly
•  LET-LOK. , ONE-LOK., Face seal, UH Line end fittings among others
• ID sizes: 1/4” up to 2”
• Pressure rating: Vacuum to 6,000 psi (414 bar), 4 to 1 safety factor
  Working temperatures -425°F (-254°C) up to 1300°F (705°C)
• Hydroformed or spirally-welded corrugated inner hose
• Machine braided (braid is woven directly on inner hose)
• Maximum Working Pressure marked on metal tag as standard.
• Manufactured in accordance to
  • NAHAD – Corrugated Metal Hose Assembly specification guidelines
  • DIN ISO 10380:2013 (ISO 10380:2012 for designated items) Pipework – Corrugated metal hoses and hose assemblies.


The HAM-LET Metal Hoses are top quality all Stainless Steel factory welded assemblies that are manufactured and tested to meet industry demands and regulation for chemical, process, Oil & Gas, Power generation, Pumps & Vacuum, instrumentation, gases and semiconductors manufacturing and machinery. The HAM-LET Metal Hose assemblies are constructed from only the best materials and components and by the most advanced corrugating and welding technologies for leak free durable performances.

HAM-LET Metal Hoses are the best solution for flexible connection of Gas & Liquid lines where vibrating, moving parts and installations involve high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive media, high pressures and full vacuum.


The system designer and user have the sole responsibility for selecting products suitable for their special application requirements, ensuring their safe and trouble-free installation, operation, and maintenance. Application details, material compatibility and product ratings should all be considered for each selected product. Improper selection, installation or use of products can cause property damage or personal injury.