• Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators
• 90° Actuation for 2-way valves (Straight & Angle)
• 180° Actuation for 3-way (T-type) valves
• Actuators comply with industry standards for interface with
  ISO 5211, NAMUR and VDI/VDE 3845
• Actuated valves are available factory assembled or seperately,
  actuator and mounting kits
• Aluminum actuators are available as standard, Stainless Steel
  and Electric actuators are available upon request
• Limit switches, proximity sensors, position indicators, pilot valves
  and other accessories are available upon request
• Standard Temperature range: -32°C to 90°C (-25.6°F to 194°F)
  Optional: High Temperature: -30°C to 120°C (-22°F to 248°F)
                  Low Temperature: -50°C to 80°C (-58°F to 176°F)


• Four standard actuator sizes are available upon request:
  Mini (designator “A1”), Small (designator “A2”) and 180°
  actuator (designator “A2T”), Medium (designator “A3”),
  and Large (designator “A4”).
• Improved operational speed enables better valve opening
  and closing control.
• ATEX certification of Valves-Actuators assemblies is
  available on request at the time of order quotation.


The system designer and user have the sole responsibility for selecting products suitable for their special application requirements, ensuring their safe and trouble-free installation, operation, and maintenance. Application details, material compatibility and product ratings should all be considered for each selected product. Improper selection, installation or use of products can cause property damage or personal injury.